About Us

MSB – ARQUITECTURA E PLANEAMENTO, LDA was established in 2004, in Funchal, by architects Miguel Mallaguerra, Susana Jesus and Bruno Martins. The MSBs are experienced in producing projects and studies directed to the areas of architecture, urban planning and interior design, acting with special incidence in the geographic areas of the Archipelago of Madeira, Açores and Lisbon. The works produced inside this young workgroup reveal the fascination by contemporaneous architecture accompanying its time. Dwelling, hotel industry, equipments and urban planning are distinct categories in which the MSBs already have a significant number of participations. Other activity areas such as Project PT Management and Consultancy in Hotel Planning within the Project are another aspect of the services rendered by the MSBs, for which the experience in activities directly connected with these specific business grant a stronger support to the client.

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