About Us

ConsultaClick is a company incorporated in 2010 for the purpose of fundamentally changing the method of scheduling appointments with health care professionals at international level.

Today we maintain offices in Lisbon/Portugal, São Paulo/Brazil, and Madrid/Spain, in order to start without delay the internationalization of the company with strategic partners in each country.

We developed an internet-based information system − ConsultaClick.com − which renders the process of finding and scheduling a doctor's appointment more effective, accessible and speedy.

A transparent, safe, quick and free method is available to the patients, so that they can find the specialist that best suits their needs and at a convenient time. At no additional charge, we offer a personal area where all the scheduled and attended appointments are recorded, for a better control of patients' clinical course.

Simultaneously, we provide the doctors with a platform that ensures great visibility and posts their résumés, and also simplifies the management of schedules and assignment of appointments, thus providing a more professional, modern and effective approach to the process.

Doctors and health professionals will have the opportunity to create a profile, publish their résumés, specify the hours during which they are available to see patients, inform them about any delays or unforeseen circumstances, and automatically keep an updated list of their patients and respective appointments.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence