About Us

Clean Engineering is the international trademark of EcoFMeq, a Portuguese company specialized in urban and industrial water and wastewater pumping and treatment (please access our site for further information www.cleaneng.pt). Our experience and multi knowledge team, able us to design, construct and operate systems and treatment plants. Since 2010 we’re developing interests over central Africa countries and Brazil, where we already have our local offices (Dakar, Senegal; Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil), and where we’re developing our market.

We are also developing and representing in Portugal, Brasil and Senegal, brands like Biotec UV, Biogest GmbH, Ultraaqua UV, Nijhuis Water Technology, Xurox, Likuid Nanotek, Brentwood Industries, Wapro, IEC Covers, among others.

Clean Engineering is acting in Power, Petrochemical, Chemical, Maritime, Food, and Pulp and Paper industry.

Other specialities:
- Irrigation
- Waste - Landfills and Recovery Centres;
- Renewable Energies and Cogeneration Plants;
- Oil-Water separation;
- Control panels, automation;
- Remote management, energy efficiency and leakage control;
- Service and maintenance;

Commercial presence